Future Plan …

As you are aware I am wanting to pursue a career in Further Education Teaching. Here is a timeline of my future plan to show you what I plan for the next few months after finishing my BA HONS Fashion degree, aswell as a short long term plan for the next 5 years. I will do this by creating a personal statement ready to apply for course/training. I will then look at my research into courses with the help I found I will fill in the application form.

Short Term Plan..

  • (June 2015) – Graduate from uni hopefully with the predicted grade of 2:1
  • (June-Sept 2015) – I plan to apply for a CRB check with the help of Patrick Chapman.
  • (September 2015) – I then hope to apply for placements in a college/school for some training hours along side working part time for money.
  • (September 2015 – January 2016) – Apply for Further Education course.
  • (January 2017) – Finish course and hopefully apply for a job in further education as a teacher.

Long Term Plan..

  • Next 5 years or so I hope to have graduated from my teaching degree and after successfully applying for teaching jobs in further education I hope to become a teacher in a college/school. 

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