Final Show – Models Summary…

For the final show me and Megan were asked to look into models. These are for the opening night of the degree show at Hartlepool CCAD . We are planning on having a outdoor catwalk that everyone can watch and be involved in. Two people were teamed together and each asked to research a different job for the fashion show mine and Megan’s being the models, we decided we need 18 professional and 5 none professional models from around the college campus, although we would love to have all professional models this will be a way to keep the cost of the models down. We thought that 3 professional and 1 non professional would be able to walk down the catwalk at a time this way the non professional model would follow the others without looking out of place.

We need models which can also wear lingerie as some people collections are lingerie 34B and size 8-10, as well as a male model for people who are making menswear.

We have been in touch with Tyne tees models, Boho models and headline models. We found out some quotes-

Tyne tees models – £150 +VAT which equals to £180 per model and having 18 models = £3240 

Boho models – £120 per model which = £2160 

Still waiting to hear back from Headline models. 


Images –

This is one of the agencies I have looked at for faces and information. They have many models who everyone would be happy to use to show there collections.


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