Finished Personal Statement

After researching into personal statements this is my personal statement to apply for a teaching course. Research of personal statements can be seen in older blog posts below. I have talked about my strengths, background and what I plan to do for my work experience which I will then add to this personal statement.

Teaching Personal Statement

Ever since leaving secondary school I been have aspired to be a teacher as I believe there is no greater accomplishment than seeing others benefit from your knowledge and skill which can be passed on and seen throughout their work offering me a great challenge and reward in life. I also feel I have the skills and knowledge to become a real asset to the teaching community. My dream would be to teach Further Education/ college level, I feel that there is a greater connection between students and teachers at this level as the compassion for the subject is shared as the student has chose to progress into the field and wants to learn as much from you as possible, like I have done with my past and present teachers.

My education so far being a degree in BA HONS Fashion has given me a insight into the world of fashion from design, making/sewing, pattern cutting, print designing, Adobe packages and textiles, skills which I have progressed throughout both school and college. From working part time throughout my studies in a leading fashion retail store, as well as my degree, I have gained excellent time management, communication and team work skills as well as the drive, determination and hard work it takes to succeed in the fashion retail industry.

I will be looking to apply at schools/colleges for experience before I apply for the teaching course this will then be added to this personal statement. From work experience I hope to gain more communication skills, the basics of teaching, the different kinds of teaching methods of how different teachers connect with students. I hope to really enjoy it ready to progress further on the PGCE course.

Personal Statement By Sophie White


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