Photographer – Matthew Skelton

Model – Ashleigh Canfield

Designer – Sophie White



Throughout my professional practice lessons I have learnt lots of new skills. First of all this blog and my linked in profile have been really helpful when it comes to finding connections and networking with people in the area of working I aspire to be in. Within this project I have looked a lot into what I want for my future career looking into various aspects of teaching, what courses there are as well as training out of the classroom, also what jobs are available when I become qualified with a PGCE. From blogging and looking at these I have decided it is defiantly something I am going to do. I plan to apply for them to start January 2016 giving myself time to find a placement before hand; I will continue to see Pat Chapman who will help me throughout this application process, a future plan can be seen in a older blog post. 


 I have also created a portfolio, which will go to Graduate Fashion Week, this contains various projects I have completed as well as some of my final FMP project which is based on the 1960s, I have still to add sketchbook development and final photo-shoot to this project. I have changed and developed each of my projects to make them to the best of my ability, I have changed layouts and took out parts which were not needed I have made more of a statement with the white space and blank coloured pages to keep the reader interested to see more. I am really happy with how my portfolio has turned out; I think it shows my skills throughout especially within my illustrations and range plans. I will continue to post about my final major project porfolio. 


Within my blog I have posted various links and posts to show how I have researched into cv making, personal statements and covering letters. As well as jobs, courses, university’s, application processes, what you need to apply etc. Which apply to me as I plan to have a teaching career in the future, this has defiantly helped me to plan a clear path of were I want to go and what I want to do when I graduate as I now know I want to teach in further education (college level). 

Useful links for becoming a teacher…

Below are links of what I have found very useful in finding out more information about teaching, what you do, were you can do it at, student finance help, course pricing, about further education teaching and much more. These have helped me to get a more clear overview of what it entails. I will keep use updated with my progress.

LinkedIn Networking

Whilst studying at uni we were introduced to the networking website LinkedIn. I then signed up to it before realising it was perfect for us especially coming from a creative background. I have been updating my linked in a lot lately, adding a summary, previous education and work experience. I have found it very useful to connect with people and look at there profiles. This is a excellent way of finding new people already in the industry I aspire to be in. Connecting with companies aswell as people is also a really useful tip. Here is a useful teaching link i found, take a look at their profile..

Here is my LinkedIn profile take a look and please connect with me. –



Gathered Dress…

Final Major Project based on the 1960’s. One of the dresses from my four outfit collection. Here is a dress in royal blue pique cotton fabric with coloured print designed and made by me on the skirt and sleeve hems. Gathered skirt and neck detail with oversized pockets. Needs a collar attaching for a finished garment. I am really happy with the outcome this is one of my favourites. I will keep use all updated with my FMP collection so keep an eye out….. 


Both images are primary. ⬆️

Covering Letter…

After researching into covering letters, I have decided not to create one for me as I will not need one to apply for a PGCE or a teaching course. As I will be studying the course full time for 1 year so that I can focus on my studies. I want to do this so I learn everything i possibly can in 1 year.

The research which I found covering letters can be seen on my Pinterest board, which is linked in the post about covering letters. I will keep covering letters in mind and the helpful information I found as I will need them in the future to apply for a teaching job when I have finished my course.

Finished Personal Statement

After researching into personal statements this is my personal statement to apply for a teaching course. Research of personal statements can be seen in older blog posts below. I have talked about my strengths, background and what I plan to do for my work experience which I will then add to this personal statement.

Teaching Personal Statement

Ever since leaving secondary school I been have aspired to be a teacher as I believe there is no greater accomplishment than seeing others benefit from your knowledge and skill which can be passed on and seen throughout their work offering me a great challenge and reward in life. I also feel I have the skills and knowledge to become a real asset to the teaching community. My dream would be to teach Further Education/ college level, I feel that there is a greater connection between students and teachers at this level as the compassion for the subject is shared as the student has chose to progress into the field and wants to learn as much from you as possible, like I have done with my past and present teachers.

My education so far being a degree in BA HONS Fashion has given me a insight into the world of fashion from design, making/sewing, pattern cutting, print designing, Adobe packages and textiles, skills which I have progressed throughout both school and college. From working part time throughout my studies in a leading fashion retail store, as well as my degree, I have gained excellent time management, communication and team work skills as well as the drive, determination and hard work it takes to succeed in the fashion retail industry.

I will be looking to apply at schools/colleges for experience before I apply for the teaching course this will then be added to this personal statement. From work experience I hope to gain more communication skills, the basics of teaching, the different kinds of teaching methods of how different teachers connect with students. I hope to really enjoy it ready to progress further on the PGCE course.

Personal Statement By Sophie White