Finished Cape….  Here are images of my final cape complete, I am happy with the outcome of my cape and I think it will sit really well with the rest of my collection when they are all finished.


Both images above are primary. 


Start of my collection…

Final Major Project. After toiling my collection which is 6 piece I them cut out in my final fabric which was various colours of pique cotton and two prints one being black and white which can be seen below and another being colour print. Below is the start of me making my collection these are the culottes.  


Printed jet pockets, waistband and front leg detail. I love how these have turned out, a fresh unique design idea using a unique print. 

All images are primary.⬆️


My final major project which is based on the 1960s has unique design ideas. Once I had researched and designed my collection I then started to pattern and toile to check my patterns were correct and how I wanted them to be. Below are images of some of my toiles showing key elements and details. ⬇️ 

Oversized pocket with gathers on a dress.⬆️

Culotte trousers showing side pocket in seam which runs curved down the leg.⬆️

Cape shown as a sleeve on a jumpsuit. ⬆️

Cape jacket with open neck detail. ⬆️

All images are primary.

Business Cards 

As you know I have been researching into business card designs, I have been looking on Pinterest for inspiration on layouts as well as what information to add to my business card.

When I was doing my research I found a lot I liked which really inspired my design. Below is an image of my business cards which have been made ready to give to potential clients at graduate fashion week.

I love how these business cards have turned out I think they look great, very unique and stand out with the use of the bold text and illustrations which I created for a previous project.

Sketchbook work FMP 

Working on my final major project sketchbook about 1960s looking at fashion, trends, prints, colours and key details and elements. Bringing the sketch book to an end adding last few pictures/ designs. I have focused on looking at the Cape details bringing this idea throughout my final collection. Own print made for the collection from the colours found in the 1960s such as black and white and another being bright colours. I have learnt a lot about this era whilst doing this project and I would defiantly work on it again in another project. 

Here are just a few of the pages which show a preview of the sketchbook all primary images taken by myself. ⬇️



Filling in a teaching application 

Step by step guide from UCAS on the application steps to come a teacher. From when to apply, personal statement and references for teaching. This information will help me for when I apply for my course. I have looked at filling in a application so I know what to expect when it comes to applying. I feel that this process will be very helpful and less stressful.


All screen shots from ⬇️

Writing a Personal Statement

Aswell as writing a covering letter I am also writing a personal statement as I will need this to apply for any UCAS courses, PGCE, teacher training or jobs. I plan to look at various personal statements to help me to write my own. I will be including skills, experience, and background this will show the reader that i am capable of the work on the course. I will also be looking at how personal statements are set out on a page. Once I have completed my own personal statement I will post it on my blog so keep a look out.

Here is my Pinterest board on writing personal statements which I have found really useful tips. ⬇️



Above are screen shots from my Pinterest board which were most useful.